Why Cloud Services Are Good for Your Business (3 Ways Your Business can Benefit)

I myself had no idea what cloud could do or even what cloud service means. Here is what I learned; cloud service is a manner of using the internet to save, manage and process data. For example, Amazon and IBM already take advantage of cloud services to manage and secure their company files. But don’t be fooled, small businesses can use and benefit from a cloud computing system. How? A cloud service can save time, resource as well as provide flexibility and security for any business size.

1. Back Up Your Data
Backing up files is one of the most essential things that any business organization should do to ensure order and security. There are several benefits to having a reliable back up system. For example, your system crashes, which is very common in many businesses and organizations, resulting in you losing important date that are crucial to the operation of your company. Having an available back up allows you to retrieve and restore copies of the lost files, saving you the stress and frustration that comes when a company’s records are lost.
Sure you can store backups on a second hard drive, CD’s and USM flash drives but if you still do backups the traditional way, you know how much time this process takes. Employees and businesses for that matter take a considerable amount of time copying large files from the computer and backed up. With a cloud system, back up is done automatically. Awesome! Right? Yes! Simply assign a special folder or directory that gets automatically synced to your cloud service account and BAM! You are done!

2. The Cost of Cloud Services

There is a perceived high cost associated with using cloud services to store data. But ask yourself, how much do you spend on discs, memory cards and hard drives in order to ensure there are multiple copies and backups of your businesses files and data? In most cases you are probably spending more if you don’t use cloud services to back up your files. Not to mention using discs, memory cards and hard drives is not very safe because these devices are highly prone to getting corrupted, damaged or even lost. Now you may be asking yourself, how much will it cost to store your data in the clouds? Give me a call or send an email to kamann@ktlsolutions.com or 301.360.0001. I can help you find the best cloud service for your business.
3. Security
Storing your backups at your office is risky. Think about why, they may be stolen or accessed by an unauthorized person at any time. As mentioned earlier CD’s and hard drives often get corrupted which is another reason why you should at a minimum consider storing you data in the clouds. By using a cloud service your company can secure your data in an encrypted network infrastructure so you do not have to worry about something happening to your sensitive files.

KARRIE AMANN | Sales Executive

Karrie graduated from Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD, with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration and years later a Master of Business (MBA), in Business Management from Mount St. Mary’s University.   She primarily comes from a long career doing sales and marketing in the medical field.  She has professional experience working in Pharmaceuticals and has heavily marketed Neurosurgeons. Her most recent career was in digital marketing making her well versed in websites, SEO, SEM and mobile optimization.  She brings her experience and skills to KTL Solutions in order to help businesses find the solutions they need in order to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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