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Lucas Chevez

Let’s Talk Security

As the IT security landscape evolves, new threats crop up almost daily and security teams face a heavy burden to keep pace. To provide some

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Securing your system

Security is more and more of a concern as many companies take their systems to the cloud and others worry about the safety of their

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Five Things to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

News about the cloud is everywhere, the sales pitch for cloud computing is simple. 

Companies pay a third-party vendor to run one or more of their systems, like email or payroll, on its own servers, saving tons of money.  

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The Benefits of CRM Systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved Integration with Outlook

My question to you is; why wouldn’t you be using a CRM system?

CRM’s refer to allons between a business and its customers.  CRM systems not only help manage your business and relationships with clients it also provides s number of important benefits to both small and large companies including increasing revenue and decreasing costs.  What business or business owner wouldn’t want to do that?

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Why Cloud Services Are Good for Your Business (3 Ways Your Business can Benefit)

I myself had no idea what cloud could do or even what cloud service means. Here is what I learned; cloud service is a manner of using the internet to save, manage and process data. For example, Amazon and IBM already take advantage of cloud services to manage and secure their company files. But don’t be fooled, small businesses can use and benefit from a cloud computing system. How? A cloud service can save time, resource as well as provide flexibility and security for any business size.

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