Discover How Custom Development
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KLT Solutions custom application development and integration services.

Adopt Technology & Build Digital Capabilities.

Technology teams are under intense pressure to build modern platforms. You are measured by your ability to assess new technologies, adopt the applications that are best for your businesses, and then support and scale them over time. You need to simultaneously think big and move fast. And you have to do it all with fewer internal resources.

Applications & Integrations That Work for You

Microsoft builds great solutions; they fit most organizations most of the time, But when you use the same solutions as everyone else, you’re bound to run into situations where ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t suit. That’s when you need customization and development.

Build With a Partner That Knows You &
Understands the Microsoft Stack

KTL creates custom solutions tailored to suit your unique needs.

Custom Application Development

When we create an application just for you, you’ll never have to settle for ‘good enough’ functionality again.

We work with your requirements to create a solution that solves the issues you face every day. Creating custom applications seems complicated, but you’ll have the advantage of our team’s 20 years of development experience. And because we write the code and utilize data models tuned for your business, we can deliver exceptional service and ongoing support.

Building on Microsoft Dynamics

It can take custom development to get your Dynamics Implementation just right.

With KTL Solutions you can choose a product from the list of KTL applications and have it customized to your environment or have us build something in Dynamics for your business processes. Whatever it is, we can get it right.

Integrations & Connected Applications

Do your business applications work together the way you want them to?

If not, we can build an API or custom integration so that it works the way you need it to. And with KTL Solutions supporting you over time, you’ll have the best in security and compliance requirements to back you up.

Interested in Products That Bring Out the Best in
Microsoft Dynamics?

Stop Settling for “Good Enough”

Many organizations get by using technology that ‘sort of’ does the job. We see first-hand how much time and energy organizations like yours have to spend in order to make pre-packaged software work. We’re here to help you see the results your business is truly capable of by developing, customizing and building solutions based on your unique requirements.

How We Build Custom Solutions

Attend a Build Workshop

Schedule an initial consultation. We’ll meet to talk about your requirements, timeline and overall vision for your business.

We Design the Custom App

Together we’ll develop a project plan which includes utilizing best practices, leveraging existing licensing and identifying how we can assist in your project goals.

You Sign Off & We Get to Work

Our experienced technical team will stand by your side and guide you in building the solution or we can deliver the complete project to fulfill your vision.

Infographic Download: Is Custom Development Right for You?

Three basic questions can help determine if you need to customize your Microsoft solution.

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Stop settling for what’s ‘good-enough’ for everyone else, and achieve success built on what’s ‘just-right’ for your business.