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KTL CMMC Preparedness Solutions ensure government contractors can reach and maintain compliance.

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No matter what stage of the process you’re at, we can help you understand, plan, and prepare for CMMC compliance.


CMMC Briefing: 1-Hour Consultation

Ready to start your journey towards CMMC preparedness? It’s an integral first step for all government contractors to learn how Microsoft Government Cloud solutions can be used to assess your readiness and help you achieve compliance. Take advantage of this no-cost initial consultation with a KTL Solutions CMMC-RP. This discussion will provide a clear understanding of compliance requirements and help determine the best path forward for your organization.

No-cost briefing to understand the status of your organization’s CMMC preparedness and discuss the next steps for compliance, licensing, and migration.

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CMMC Gap Analysis: 3-Week Assessment

In this second step toward CMMC compliance, KTL will review all information gathered in the investigative process to produce a CMMC Gap Analysis Report.

For each practice or process to which your organization is discovered to be non-compliant, KTL will recommend a course of action to remediate these shortcomings and to serve as a foundation for formal security program improvement and compliance attainment.

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CMMC Roadmap: 6-Week Implementation

We know the maze of CMMC regulations can be daunting. KTL can help. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and CMMC-RPO, we are experienced in selecting, designing, deploying, and configuring Government Cloud offerings for alignment with respective CMMC requirements and practices.

Utilizing a Gap Analysis, KTL will remediate each of the practices or processes that were identified as non-compliant. KTL will help you build your information security program to the desired CMMC compliance level. We will assist you in creating a detailed CMMC roadmap, create missing policies and procedures, and work with your team to implement the proper practices. Following the completion of the project, you will have technical documentation to complete your System Security Plan (SPP) and prepare for your CMMC Assessment.

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Areas Addressed:

  • Policies
  • Practices
  • Procedures
  • Plans
  • Controls

Systems Improvement:

  • Architecture
  • Migration
  • Configuration

Additional Support:

  • Provide training for your team
  • Offer ongoing support

As a CMMC-RPO and Microsoft Gold Partner, We Can Help Government Contractors Keep Their Competitive Edge

See Problems Before They Happen

We take a proactive stance to avoid surprises for us both. With KTL 360, we alert for issues before they arise. We include assessments, planning, and progress reports with every engagement.

Experience Rapid Response Times

All KTL 360 plans have rapid response times. Plus, 24/7 coverage plans are available for those who need around-the-clock support.

Increase Your Capabilities

We work to your needs and often become part of your expanded team. We know your pains and goals, because they’re ours too. And with our flexible plans and proactive stance, you can scale up support when you need or scale down when your team grows.

The KTL CMMC Process

  KTL Solutions is a CMMC-RPO with experienced staff ready to guide you through CMMC preparedness. Let’s get started.

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