Day: May 8, 2015

Conflict Management – Yes, every project has some and what I can do to help resolve them.

On any complex ERP project the risk is not if you will encounter conflict but when you will encounter it. Conflict on a project is imminent and if handled and facilitated correctly can lead to the surfacing of new ideas for the issues on hand. Therefore, some conflict can lead to actually improving your project delivery.

Some major contentious issues that lead to conflict on an ERP project are:

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Why Cloud Services Are Good for Your Business (3 Ways Your Business can Benefit)

I myself had no idea what cloud could do or even what cloud service means. Here is what I learned; cloud service is a manner of using the internet to save, manage and process data. For example, Amazon and IBM already take advantage of cloud services to manage and secure their company files. But don’t be fooled, small businesses can use and benefit from a cloud computing system. How? A cloud service can save time, resource as well as provide flexibility and security for any business size.

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