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How to Set Default Parameters in SSRS Reports Based on CRM Roles

I enjoy working with SSRS reports and learning new things to help me build out reports that meet our clients’ needs. When a client comes to me with an interesting way they want something displayed or a request for a feature that is unknown to me, I jump at the chance to do it. I love a new challenge and it acts as a learning experience as well. A recent request came to me that required a little creativity on my part. It was to modify the default value of certain report parameters based on the security role the User had in CRM.

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Connections between Dynamics GP and Excel

Dynamics GP interfaces with Excel in several different ways.  The most common ways are through built in functions like Smartlists, Excel Budgets, and Dynamics pre-defined Excel reports.  These are the base interfaces, but there are also several other methods to link GP data to Excel.  Some of the other ways are through an ODBC driver, a third party add-ons, an Excel connection, etc.  In this article, we will discuss the base methods as well as the Excel connection, as these are the quickest ways to get linked.

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