Business Intelligence

Interpret Your Data Efficiently

You have multiple systems with separate reporting that provides valuable insight into your organization. A Business Intelligence (BI) tool allows you to combine the data from the different systems into a single reporting system that will enable you to produce combined company metrics into a single report. Combining all the data you collect into a single reporting source can provide you with a wealth of information allowing you analyze your data to understand trends and make immediate decisions.

The primary goal of a self-service BI tool is to enable the user to access reports, build reports, and to augment their reports allowing them to become agile in their decision making by utilizing more real-time data.

KTL Solutions is the right partner to choose when looking for a quality BI solution. We have the expertise in stand-alone solutions, functional tools, as well as solutions that integrate with off-the-shelf applications such as Excel and SQL Server.

Self-Service BI Goals

The primary goal of self-service BI is to enable your business leaders to access, run, and start analyzing data themselves, rather than wait for IT to build complex queries to provide the required data. Empowering users to access information helps stakeholders make immediate, informed decisions based on current data instead of speculation, or “gut instinct”.

By leveraging your existing applications, we offer users a familiar environment, reduce training time and costs. KTL Solutions can provide all of this all while maintaining data integrity and security models. Finding a balance between the less complex model, and one with a high level of functionality is the key to success with organizations.

Solutions That Work With You

Businesses have different degrees of analytical needs and skills. Our experienced consultants will take the opportunity to understand requirements, and using this information, we will find the right solution for you. At KTL Solutions we know that one size does not fit all.

BI applications typically cover an organization in its entirety, from mobile devices and development tools, to back-end analysis capabilities and other functionalities. BI tools allow you to turn your data into high level, customizable dashboards giving you efficient access to the information you need.

When information is shared throughout an organization, ideas and insights flow freely, goals become clear, and people work together more effectively towards the desired result.