Business Intelligence

Unlock the Power of Your Data

It can be hard to make sense of data. Numbers, stats, and figures can be overwhelming. That’s especially true when data is widespread across the many different functions of your business or organization.

Data has the potential to transform your decision-making – if you can put it to proper use.

Which numbers are important? Which trends matter? And how can you decide what to act on?

You need a partner who understands how data works across your business, and you need a solution that can unlock its power.

KTL Solutions is a leading Power BI implementer, helping you get more out of your data

Power BI is a powerful visual interface, available on the web or as a desktop app, to help you picture and make sense of data. It’s all of your data in one place, for better decisions. With this powerful tool, you can take your data further and create insight to drive business.

What you get:

You’ll work with a team of data scientists to leverage your data for insight by creating a data warehouse and dashboards that will bring the information you need to your implementation. Adding our valuable experience to each step of your implementation process, our consultants ensure that your Power BI product is a perfect fit for your organization.

Customized Reports
KTL will help you build customized reports that will allow you to move quicker with Power BI and its capabilities. Working with your team we’ll create dashboards and reports that will make your transition as seamless as possible and provide the next level of insight you are looking for at your fingertips.

Automate Analysis
Ensure data quality with validation and automated processes to bring insight faster to your organization. KTL can help you schedule the reports to keep the information flowing through the organization.

Upgrades and Support
Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest version, or build even more functionality into the platform, KTL Solutions can be your partner for the long haul providing additional development and support for your Power BI installation.


Get to Know Power BI.

Whether you’re an enterprise organization or an SMB, putting data to use is important. With a Power BI implementation optimized by KTL Solutions, the tools you need to make data-driven decisions will be right at your fingertips.

With Power BI, you can:

  • Create beautiful, customized dashboards to see the data that matters
  • Synthesize data across the platforms and functions that most matter for your business
  • Gather real-time insight into the pulse of your organization
  • Replace outdated systems with one single source platform
  • Access your data on many different devices across the enterprise


Proven Results Implementing Power BI

From pressure-tested, 24/7/365 environments, to small businesses, our consultants have worked with organizations to identify key data points and optimize data flows to build the next level analysis tools that have taken these organizations higher.

Working with KTL Solutions to implement Power BI, you’ll be empowered to make data-driven decisions like never before.

Why Choose KTL Solutions?

Fortune 100 Experience

We've helped top companies make seamless technology transitions.

Microsoft Experts

We have decades of consulting experience in technology you trust.

Trusted Risk Mitigation

We protect against data loss and unncessary downtime.

KTL Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and prides themselves in their consultants' broad knowledge on a range of many technology solutions in different industries. If you are interested in one of our Microsoft solutions or would like to obtain information or references for other technologies available, please contact KTL Solutions here.

Ready to Take Your Technology to the Next Level?

Take advantage of your business data and transform your business with our proven process.

Here’s how we’ll get started:

Needs Assessment Call

We’ll work to first understand your business’ data and needs, and then drill down into the details of feature requirements of your Power BI setup, getting as granular as possible. We craft a clear picture of success so that the outcome best fits your business.

Free Solution Demo or Specification

Based on the needs assessment, we’ll construct a partial solution to help you start to see your data in detail. This will help build confidence in our solution and start the discussion around scope and costs.

No-Risk Project Quote

Once we have alignment around your project needs and solution, we’ll provide you with a scope and cost document that will allow you to see a full picture of your project and take the first steps toward actionable, seamless data.

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