Do More With Your Data on the Microsoft Power Platform

Empower your users to create, automate, and analyze with no code. 

Your Business Users Want to Do More With Their Data Without the Headache of Big Technical Projects

They want to create apps, generate reports, and make their work more efficient through automation. Historically projects like this would take IT resources. Employees would need to submit tickets, have resources provisioned, and then get budget approved. All of this takes time, and it’s expensive.

KTL Solutions Enables Safe, and Supportive Power Platform Solutions

Adding the Power Platform to your applications allows your users to create, analyze and automate your data in ways never before available to the average worker. Drive meaningful business outcomes to grow customer lifetime value and improve retention. KTL Solutions can help implement, provision, and configure your Power Platform applications—as stand alone apps or as a component of your Dynamics implementation.

Democratize Data Across Your Organization

Power BI

Turn disparate application data into powerful insights with Power BI. Let KTL Solution provide a single version of data truth that delivers insights across your organization. We can provision, configure and support Power BI across your organization. Trust us to manage workspace licensing, report sprawl, and security configurations so you don’t have to.

Power Apps

Give business units and power users the ability to build their own apps, then support their initiatives with KTL Custom Development Services. Take low code applications and create responsive, customized experiences based directly on user need.

Power Automate

Help your users become more efficient in their day-to-day by defining repetitive workflows and automating tasks. KTL Solutions can assist you in configuring basic or complex workflows, replicate them across your organization and provide ongoing support to your team.

Want to Start Utilizing Power Platform Across Your Organization?


Schedule an initial consultation. We’ll meet to talk about your requirements, timeline and overall vision for your business.


Together we’ll develop a project plan which includes utilizing best practices, leveraging existing licensing and identifying how we can assist in your project goals.


Our experienced technical team will stand by your side and guide you in building the solution or we can deliver the complete project to fulfill your vision.

Data Sheet Download: Create Solutions That Accelerate Business

The Microsoft Power Platform allows you to work together to meet challenges effectively by analyzing data, building solutions, automating processes, and creating virtual agents.

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