National Cyber Summit: Our Takeaways From One of the Year’s Best Events

Written by Heidi Hose

There are two things I know for certain. First, I have so much to learn about cybersecurity. And second, I truly enjoy meeting new people. When combining these two facts and the activities that come to mind, I knew that National Cyber Summit was a perfect conference for me. 

This was easily the largest event that I have attended with KTL Solutions, Inc. To say I had a good time would be an understatement. I am quite the extravert, and conferences like these are the large dose of people interaction my personality craves. Attendees are diverse and can range from students in high school and tech enthusiasts to founders and major players in our industry. National Cyber Summit provided an engaged audience mix – I left with networking connections but I also left with some new friends. 

NCS offered trainings on Basic Wireless Fundamentals to CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) readiness with highly educated and experienced individuals. General Sessions, Breakout Sessions, Panels and Keynote speakers were scheduled throughout the day, with more Lightening Rounds and Demonstrations than you could fit into a day. You could not ask for better resource learning from the professionals than what NCS had available. 
There were so many networking options. Breakfast, Lunch, Receptions, a Pub Crawl, Cyber Cup Challenge and my favorite… NCS official networking event, Cyber Heist Casino Night hosted by PreVeil, Redspin, and Sentar. Their version of a Casino Royal provided fun money to gamble on real tables with real dealers, tasty food and drink options. The highlight of the evening was the attire worn by the hosts. They were first-class sports but more than that, they were exceptional people. 
If you are looking for a must attend conference for 2024 check into NCS. You won’t be disappointed. It hit all the marks. 

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