Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud

Our team can help you navigate GCC to meet the compliance requirements needed by government contractors.

We Make Sure Your Security is Up to Snuff

To protect our nation from security risks, any contractor working with the government is required to meet certain compliance guidelines. These guidelines dictate everything from where your data is stored to how and where your employees can access your systems. It can get complicated. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a CMMC-RPO, we are here to guide you on your compliance journey.

Your Needs Are Unique. Here’s How Microsoft Government Community Cloud Can Meet Them.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, engineering firm, systems integrator, consultant, or service provider, your technology needs become more complicated when you accept government contracts. Commercial solutions just won’t cut it. That’s where Microsoft GCC comes in. 

Microsoft 365 Government plans like GCC are designed specifically for government organizations and their contractors. 

They provide all the Office 365 features and capabilities a business needs, based in a segmented government cloud community that enables organizations to meet compliance and security standards.

What’s the Difference Between GCC & GCC High?

GCC and GCC High are two slightly different options; to learn more about which will work best for you, book a consultation with our team.


GCC is a more affordable option which may meet all your needs.

GCC High

GCC High meets the most stringent security requirements.

Get Compliant, Stay Competitive

Compliance requirements are tightening. KTL experts will manage your compliance needs and help you stay ahead of the pack.