Multi-Platform Reporting Made Easy: Popdock by eOne Solutions 

Written by Austin Brown

In just about every cloud ERP/CRM implementation I have discussed with prospective customers, historical data migration is extremely important. Some companies will want several years of historical data migrated into their new system, which can be very costly. It’s not because we as partners can’t do it, it’s just very time consuming to export, map, and import data. Our team at KTL Solutions leverages a solid work around to prevent excessive costs while still providing access to precious historical data. 

Popdock by eOne Solutions allows your organization to easily view historical data, as well as bring data in from multiple platforms to provide visibility. Popdock is a cloud tool that pulls data from various cloud solutions and provides access to reports which can be easily used by the everyday user. It has a annual license price and there is an upfront implementation fee from eOne if the partner you select is not experienced in implementing the solution.

Our team of experienced consultants can implement. While it does not make much of a cost difference whether the partner or eOne implements, the partner implementation speeds up the process by not needing to schedule eOne to perform the work. The data is pulled from your legacy applications or existing applications, stored in an Azure datalake, and is integrated and shown in your solution of choice. Not every cloud solutions has an integration with Popdock, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications do. I was introduced to Popdock about a year ago and I haven’t had any clients moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central not use it. It is a major cost and time saver.  

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