GCC High
Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud

KTL makes it easier for government contractors to meet technology compliance requirements.

You Have to Meet the Most Stringent Security Standards.

Technology compliance guidelines are essential for protecting our nation. As a government contractor, you have guidelines that dictate where your data is stored, who can access it, and even who you can get technical support from. But when technology isn’t your main business focus, these guidelines can feel like an overbearing use of time and resources. As a CMMC-RPOMicrosoft Gold Partner, we are here to help make things easier.

Microsoft Government Community Cloud is the Answer

Manufacturers, consultants, even logistics providers who work with branches of the US government can’t rely on commercial technology solutions. There are simply too many gaps in security that will leave you short of the compliance requirements. That’s where Microsoft Office 365 Government comes in.

Microsoft 365 Government plans like GCC High are designed specifically for government organizations and their contractors.

You get all the Office 365 features and capabilities your businesses needs, based in a segmented government cloud community so that you meet even the highest U.S. compliance and security standards.

Not Sure Whether GCC High or GCC is Right for You?

Here’s a look at the basic differences in what GCC and GCC High offer. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.


GCC is a more affordable option which may meet all your needs.

GCC High

GCC High meets the most stringent security requirements.

The KTL CMMC Process

  KTL Solutions is a CMMC-RPO with experienced staff ready to guide you through CMMC preparedness. Let’s get started.

Need to Learn More About CMMC Compliance?

By 2026, all new DoD contracts will contain CMMC requirements. However, select pilot contracts already have a CMMC requirement. Confused about what’s required? Our suite of CMMC Preparedness Solutions ensures you feel confident about these new compliance requirements for government contractors.

Working With Commercial Clients and the DoD?
KTL Has You Covered.

Hear how we were able to guide our client, Redspin, through the process.

“KTL was instrumental in helping us navigate the requirements of GCC High. Their support and expertise played a part in our success of becoming the first Authorized C3PAO.”

Thomas Graham, Vice President & CISO

Your Standards are High. We’re Here to Exceed Them.

Staying competitive means staying ahead of evolving compliance standards. KTL experts will guide you every step of the way.