Tips and Tricks: Excel

This month’s Excel tips and tricks will help you work quicker. By looking at two parts of the same spreadsheet at the same time, it can help prevent losing a spreadsheet you forgot to save, and provides a quick and easy way to identify duplicate cells.

Split your Microsoft Excel document into two separate panes so you can view and edit two widely separated parts of a spreadsheet at the same time.

This means you can work on the top and bottom of a spreadsheet in two separate panes in the same window and jump between them simply by clicking the mouse–or by tapping F6 to cycle between the two panes, the ribbon, and the status bar.  You can split the window by dragging the splitter bar at the very top of the vertical scroll bar, or open the View tab on the Ribbon and select Split (or Remove Split to restore a single window).

Excel 2010: Recovering Unsaved Workbooks

It’s painful when you accidentally (or even purposefully) close a workbook without saving and then regret it.  In Excel 2010, you can sometimes recover your work. To do so, choose File, Info, click the Manage Versions button, and then choose Recover Unsaved Workbooks. Excel 2010 automatically keeps a copy of many (but not all) unsaved workbooks for a few days.

To make the most of this feature, set your AutoRecover option to two minutes instead of the default of ten. To do so, click File, Options, and then Save. Make sure that Save AutoRecover Information settings is set to two minutes and that Keep the Last Autosaved Version if I Close Without Saving is checked as well.

Identifying Duplicate Values in Excel 2007/2010

Select a range of cells. Then, on the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting, Highlight Cells Rules, and then Duplicate Values. Select a formatting option and then click OK. To isolate duplicate instances, right click on a highlighted cell, then choose Filter, and then Filter by Selected Cell’s Color.

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