Day: March 7, 2013

CRM Support for Your iPad® and Yammer

Microsoft has released the December 2012 update from Dynamics CRM Online.  This optional update brings new Apple® iPad® and Yammer support to an already feature-rich product.  The new iPad® features were designed with the sales representatives who need to get work done from the road, while they are on sales calls, in mind.  Microsoft has eliminated pop-up windows from the user interface and made it simpler to use with the touch screen.  You will log in to the online application through the web browser from the iPad® as you would from a laptop or desktop.

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Tips and Tricks: Excel

This month’s Excel tips and tricks will help you work quicker. By looking at two parts of the same spreadsheet at the same time, it can help prevent losing a spreadsheet you forgot to save, and provides a quick and easy way to identify duplicate cells.

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