My Pain… You’re Going to Gain (Stop Registry Error in CRM)

While working on projects, every now and then we consultants run into a problem that requires some self help desk support.  Case in point: Break out the hammer; my machine just gave a STOP error when coming out of sleep mode.  The stop error is better known as a blue screen of death (BSOD).
What machine did this happen on?  The Lenovo ThinkPad E430.

What was the error? Stop error 51; Registry Error.

How to troubleshoot?

To not spin your wheels all kinds of directions like I did, ignore the fact that it says REGISTRY ERROR. The word or term REGISTRY throws off the focus that it is a hardware issue and not a registry database issue.*

Every time I tried to start the computer in regular mode, it would not.  Just the same error!  I went into safe mode to troubleshoot, because I was thinking it was the video driver.
What was I doing?  I was preparing my machine for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo and put the images to sleep on my Oracle Virtual Box and then I put the computer into sleep mode by shutting the lid of the notebook.  This causes the computer to go into “stand-by” mode versus hibernate (when the computer essentially turns off, but first the RAM is saved on the hard drive. Once the computer reboots, the RAM is loaded from the hard drive, and you can continue where you left off. This procedure only takes a couple of minutes.)

The difference between the two is standby will literally cause the screen to go black to conserve power, but the machine is still awake.  It’s like closing your eyes to go to sleep.  And this, of course, means that the machine will still be operational and burning battery power.  The best benefit to this mode is a quicker startup (especially since you haven’t really shutdown).

You can find out more in this blog.

The summary and fix: It was a battery issue.  The battery was bad (not properly charging and discharging).  I ejected the battery and used the AC/DC plug into the computer while my battery was on backorder.

(*Questions on these computer terminologies)

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