Day: September 4, 2013

5 Important Takeaways from the Acumatica Partner Summit

It’s tempting to get caught up in the hype and enthusiasm when being exposed to a young, energetic and enthusiastic software company. Since I was involved in the technical track of the Acumatica Partner Summit, I will do my best to avoid that and stick to the technical issues…

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How to Speed Up Payroll Entry in GP

When it comes to entering payroll into Microsoft Dynamics GP, it can be a rather repetitive task for every payroll cycle.  However, there are ways that can make the process easier and allow you to work more efficiently and quickly in your day-to-day processes…    

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My Pain… You’re Going to Gain (Stop Registry Error in CRM)

While working on projects, every now and then we consultants run into a problem that requires some self help desk support.  Case in point: Break out the hammer; my machine just gave a STOP error when coming out of sleep mode.  The stop error is better known as a blue screen of death (BSOD)…

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