11 years. That’s how long KTL Solutions has been running their Mid-Atlantic Technology User Conference: Empower the User. It’s grown from being a small “get-together” with a few presenters, to an elaborate three track conference featuring multiple professional presenters with a captivating Keynote. As we enter into our twelfth year, questions start to arise as to what will be updated, what will be changed, and what are people going to expect this coming year.

We are constantly wanting our conference to be great, worthy of your time, and most importantly, make you leave saying, “Wow. I learned a lot!” The question is, how do we continue to do this after 11 years?

What will be changed or updated?

  • This year we are not designating tracks. We will have a variety of subjects and sessions that are on the most relevant information circulating around Microsoft, the development world, and much more.
  • Training will continue to be held the day prior to our conference. The difference this year is that, although still 4 hours, you will be able to jump around to different topics during those 4 hours all for one low price.
  • We are excited about our new keynote! He is a motivational speaker with lots of charisma to start off our day right.
  • We will be having new sponsors that are bringing new light to our conference.

What should you expect?

  • KTL Solutions wants to make the learning process fun. We personally don’t like things that are boring, who does? Our speakers are upbeat and the environment is always thriving.
  • Eleven years ago when our CEO envisioned this conference, his main goal was to make sure people had a place to expand their knowledge on the ever changing ways of technology. Our number one goal is to empower you and your knowledge.
  • All day long you are with other users from companies that run similar solutions, have the same problems as you, have overcome problems that you are currently facing, are interested in the same technology and knowledge base, and are perfect connections within the world of technology. This is perfect for networking.

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