How to Create a Multi-Company Smartlist in SmartList Builder

Smartlists are a tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP and provide an easy way to create ad-hoc reports and queries into an accounting system data without knowing other reporting tools (IE: SQL Reporting Services; Crystal Reports.) Several reasons why a company may want to create and use Multi-Company SmartLists:

  1. Chart of Accounts: Comparing or Synchronizing the Chart of Accounts between companies.
  2. Inter-Company Transactions: Verify that Inter-Company transactions balance.
  3. Customers / Vendors: Comparing or Synchronizing Customers / Vendors between Companies.
  4. Open Purchase Orders: Tracking Open PO’s.  Shorten research time by quickly finding which company the PO is in.
  5. Account Payable Transactions: Researching Payables Transactions.  Shorten research time by quickly finding which company the transaction is in.
  6. Sales Orders: Researching Sales Order Status.  Shorten research time by quickly finding which company the sales order is in.
  7. SOX Compliance: Ease of producing Validation Reports of data modified.
  8. Logging In and Out of GP Companies on a frequent basis to run SmartLists or research items.

Steps to Create a Multi-Company SmartList



Go To Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> SmartList Builder >> Security >> SQL Table Security

Select the Databases and Tables Desired.  Click OK to return to the Main GP Window.

Go To Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> SmartList Builder >> SmartList Builder

Create a Smartlist ID (Tip – Start Multi-Company Smartlists with MC.  This will Group all Multi-Company Smartlists together.)

Create a Smartlist Name

Item Name is Auto-create but may be changed.

Series – Select the Series to Locate the SmartList under.

Under Tables click the plus sign and choose SQL Server Tables.

Select the desired Table for the SmartList.  You may select and connect several tables.

Click Summary on the SmartList Toolbar.

This Opens the Options Window

Click the MultiCompany Smartlist Checkbox >> Select the Companies that you want to include in the SmartList

Click Save to return to the Smartlist Builder Window.

Click on Calculations in the SmartList Toolbar.  This is to create a field that indicates the Source Company that the data comes from.

This Opens the Calculated Fields Window

Click on the plus sign to add a calculated field.  This Opens the Add Calculated Field Window.

Assign a Field Name – Company

Assign a Field Type – String

Expand Special Fields

Double Click on Company ID.  This places Company ID in the Calculation Window

Click on Validate.  A window will open that says Calculated Field is Validated.  Click OK to return to the Calculated Fields Window.  Click Save to return to the Main Smart List Builder Window.

Click on the Calculated Fields Item in the Tables Window.

Make sure that Display and Default are both checked.  This will allow you to see which company the data is pulling from.

Save the Smartlist.

Go To Microsoft Dynamics GP >> SmartList.  A message will be display that SmartList Builder has detected changes to be made.  “Do you want to make these changes now?”  Click Yes.

The changes are made and SmartList opens.  Open the series that the SmartList resides in.  Open the SmartList that you created in SmartList Builder.  Notice that the field Company is displaying the company the data is pulling from.

Congratulations!!  You have now created a Multi-Company SmartList.

Having trouble creating your list or want more information on the importance of using Smartlist as a tool in GP? Contact Tricia at or call 1.866.960.0001.

TRICIA CHASE | Senior Business Software Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant, Tricia has performed various roles for customers including conducting design sessions, integrating data, training GP and 3rd Party modules, troubleshooting data issues, and acting as interim controller. Tricia has over 20 years of experience as an accountant and over 15 years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP usually working with the Accounting / Finance Teams or the HR / Payroll Teams. Prior to KTL, Tricia worked for various partners and as an Independent Consultant. She has worked with various industries including: Construction, Trucking, Health Care, and State Government. Tricia holds a B.S. in Accounting from St. Mary of the Plains College in Dodge City, Kansas.



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