Day: August 22, 2014

Dynamics CRM: Not your grandparent’s tool!

Think back to your last little project you had to do around your house or with your car.  Maybe you were gardening, doing some landscaping, building a deck, or painting a room.  Whatever the project was, you probably had to use some sort of tool, and most likely multiple tools, to accomplish the job.  And if you are like me, you probably didn’t have the right tool at your fingertips causing you to stop and either go find the tool in the garage, go buy a tool, or worse yet, use a work around.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been in similar situations and it gets frustrating when momentum is moving forward and the project comes to a standstill because you don’t have what you need when you need it.

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How to Create a Multi-Company Smartlist in SmartList Builder

Smartlists are a tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP and provide an easy way to create ad-hoc reports and queries into an accounting system data without knowing other reporting tools (IE: SQL Reporting Services; Crystal Reports.) Several reasons why a company may want to create and use Multi-Company SmartLists:

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