CRM 2011 “Spring Cleaning”

90% of U.S. corporations suspect that they possess inaccurate data on contacts and prospects.

Companies today are losing revenue through “cracks” in their data foundation. Data integrity is vital to corporate operations and thereby key business indicators.

How many times have you gone into your CRM system, ran a search for a certain lead/contact, and the query displayed three records — all the same person — with two records containing different addresses? You really wanted to send this person (and hopefully future account) a thank you for attending the trade show and a happy birthday note. So, you spent two hours finding the correct information — and then still sent a birthday wish to the wrong person.(Hopefully not 😉

I don’t have to tell you that’s a total waste of time. The best solution is what I call CRM Spring Cleaning. Of course, I am speaking of data scrubbing.  Here are just a few of the benefits:

•   Reduction in expenses and costs

•   Finding information faster

•   Company standards and industry legal requirements

How do we get there?

Conformity: company policies concerning CRM data

Technology: tools utilized to validate entry, recycle, and archive old data


What are we going to set into place that ensures that our CRM users put in the required, recommended, and “clean” data in?  How can we best conform to the necessary changes?  What are the rewards for doing so? And, what are the penalties?

Have you ever asked your kids (or aliens that stay with you) to clean their rooms?  You will require their help. And so you will also need assistance to clean that data.


 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 contains powerful functionality designed to help manage, control, and enrich customer data. Examples of this functionality are below, and  can be found in CRM 2011 by going to Settings –  System –  Data Management

1.   Detect Duplication

2.   Do a bulk edit/delete

3.   Export and Import functions

4.   Third Party – (Scribe for instance)

If you require help to get your marketing team strategically moving so they can focus on delivering on their sales pipeline and “bringing home the bacon,”  then let’s deliver them a clean house to do so.

Contact Roman at KTL Solutions and quote him his own quote

“Clean data in; better decisions out.”

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