Better Backorder Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

When you customer places an order, the last thing you want to tell them is that an item that they want to purchase is not in stock. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you avoid backorders in the first place and – when an item sells out more quickly than planned – you can manage the process more efficiently.

Manage inventory with better insight

What if you could take some of the guesswork out purchasing?  Your purchasing agents probably depend on their experience and instincts in placing orders more than you’d like to admit.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, the purchase order generator will automatically create suggested purchase orders for the replenishment of items versus manually having to create PO’s.   Single or multi-site warehouse operations are supported with each item-site combination planned separately, or you can map several sites to a “master site,” so that one purchase order is created to replenish an item for several sites.

Keep purchasing agents focused on making buying decisions that can improve sales instead of routine replenishment. By configuring Microsoft Dynamics GP to automatically analyze and suggest purchase decision, you take the guesswork out and allow buyers to focus on special orders and find new products to serve your customers.

Don’t let backorders fall through the cracks

Backorders can bog down your team when line item stock outages require manual intervention. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, a PO is generated right off the sales order for backordered goods.  When the goods are received a report will print to let the receiving department know that the item is attached to a specific customer order.

To find out how you can improve the workflow in your warehouse, contact Gary at or 866-960-0001 x207.  KTL Solutions helps distributors like yours manage backorders to keep customers happy.

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