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KTL Solutions, founded in 1999, provides software solutions and consulting services to mid-market companies. With expertise in distribution, non-profits, healthcare, and professional organizations, KTL offers services such as software requirements; configuration of solutions; development on both contract and product; implementation of solutions that enhance the efficiencies of departments (I.E. Operations, Finance, Sales, and Distribution); and much more. Our highly qualified team consists of developers and consultants with a broad knowledge base to develop unique solutions that add value to your specific business. 

Find out more about our services, add-on software products and custom software development solutions for organizations that have unique needs. Want to know what solution will best fit your companies unique needs? Learn more about Dynamics GPDynamics CRM; by contacting KTL Solutions today at 866-960-0001 and to find out which solutions can help your organization thrive in the midst of continual change.