5 Ways to Make Your Holidays Safe and Fun

The holidays are fast approaching and KTL Solutions would like to take a moment and wish you a happy holiday season.  We also know that many of you will be going to parties, visiting family and attending holiday-themed events, so the staff here at KTL Solutions has taken the liberty to provide you with 5 tips to help make this time safe and fun.

1. You can never sing too loud.

During the holiday season some of our favorite songs will be playing in stores, radios, at the gym all to get you in the spirit. And every year you wait until you get to your car to start singing your heart out.  We know you want to sing, we see you tapping your foot to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”  This year sing loudly, dance crazy and enjoy the moment.  The louder you sing and the crazier you dance, the closer you are to a holiday flash mob.

2. Spiked eggnog is great — as long as Santa drives you home.

Every year most of us go to holiday parties to mingle with loved ones, old friends, and co-workers.  And during these events some of us like to have a glass of a holiday favorite.  Make sure if you do that you have a designated driver the last thing you need is to make Santa’s naughty list so close to the end of the year.

3. Keep the spirit, even when others don’t.

The holidays are stressful.  With visiting family members, rush hour traffic at all times and shopping malls packed to the rafters, it is easy to get cynical, stressed and lose sight of the most important aspect of the season. Remember to help others, show patience and enjoy this time of year even when others are letting the stress get to them.  A good tip is to take a deep breath before going into these stressful situations, hold for 10 seconds and then slowly exhale to help calm you down and get into the spirit.  If that doesn’t work then follow tip #1… that always works.

4. Don’t forget to water the tree.

During this time of year, the little stuff can escape you… but the little things may be the most important.  Make sure to make lists of what you need to get accomplished each day, no matter how small or insignificant you think each task may be.  Watering your tree may be easy to forget, but a dry branch close to a light can have disastrous consequences.

5.  It’s OK to be “Home Alone.”

The holiday season is about family, friends and spending your time with both of them. Every weekend and week day you are being pulled in many directions and constantly being around other people. Most of us forget to take a second and enjoy some time to ourselves.  Make sure you make some “you time” this year to help you reflect on this past year and start setting goals for the next one.

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