Day: November 22, 2013

4 Tips for ERP System Maintenance

The enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is the backbone for most organizations.  They invest a lot of money in software, implementation and training costs related to their ERP systems to collect, track and report on critical business data.  Once the system is in production and the organization is dependent on the results provided by the ERP system, a maintenance plan must be developed and documented to ensure the system continues to operate at its best.

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5 Ways to Make Your Holidays Safe and Fun

The holidays are fast approaching and KTL Solutions would like to take a moment and wish you a happy holiday season.  We also know that many of you will be going to parties, visiting family and attending holiday-themed events, so the staff here at KTL Solutions has taken the liberty to provide you with 5 tips to help make this time safe and fun.

1. You can never sing too loud.

During the holiday season some of our favorite songs will be playing in stores, radios, at the gym all to get you in the spirit. And every year you wait until you get to your car to start singing your heart out.  We know you want to sing, we see you tapping your foot to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”  This year sing loudly, dance crazy and enjoy the moment.  The louder you sing and the crazier you dance, the closer you are to a holiday flash mob.

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