Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner vs. Your ERP Project

Tis the season when most get excited about the holidays and gather with friends and family in celebration.  For some, the holidays are stressful.  There is planning, preparation, execution, and clean up and doing so all on top of your regular daily routines.  Oh, and it isn’t always just for one holiday but for two, three, or more in a 2 month period.   I’m just going to think about Thanksgiving.  You’ve planned all the food and the layout to accommodate family and or friends.

Considering the latter, there are so many choices and everything looks so good.  What do we do when presented with so many food choices around the holidays, we try to sample as much as we can.  I want to taste this, I want to taste that.  Next thing you know, you’re feeling full and regretful you “had” to have a piece of everything when you really could have planned to eat just a little and taken others home for later.

Implementing an ERP solution can be very similar.  During the sales process, you get to see all the bells and whistles and your users convinced themselves, and you, that they need everything.  And why shouldn’t they, the buffet was just laid out right in front of them for their eyes to gorge.  As a Professional Consulting firm that implements Acumatica Cloud ERP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, it is our responsibility to work with customers to identify their immediate need(s), short term need(s), long term need(s), and future need(s).  Once identified, our consulting team will work with you to plan, prepare, execute, and clean up.  Successful implementations are those that are done in pieces rather than all at once.  This will soften the project impact of the entire organization.  It may take a little more time to execute, but you won’t be left feeling stuffed and full of regret in the end.

How do you do this?  I suggest evaluating your organization’s immediate needs, short-term needs, long-term needs, and future needs.  Concentrate on the immediate and short-term needs while planning for the long and future needs.  Involve the staff in the process but don’t give them the buffet. Clearly, share the goals of the organization and the vision for the solution.  Identify the execution plan and how and where each goal fits.  Guide them to the same Thanksgiving table. Present them the solution (food) and empower them not to gorge but plan with you for the future.  Then during the implementation (execution phase) phase, they will less likely be knocking at your door wanting more food to gorge.

And now, go and enjoy Thanksgiving Day dinner with your family and friends.  Your ERP project depends on it 🙂

Gobble Gobble…Happy Thanksgiving!

GARY FRANCART | Director of Sales

Gary joined KTL in May of 2005 and has been continuously committed to ensuring a successful partnership and innovation of our customer’s business goals. His priority is to understand your organizational mission, vision, and strategic plan. Gary brings a wealth of knowledge to assist our customer’s product selection and implementation. With a visionary approach, he is able to ensure that KTL meets the ever-changing demands of technology business applications for complete customer satisfaction. Gary has over 18 years of technology sales and leadership – 10 of which were spent specializing in Business Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Acumatica Cloud ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence solutions.

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