Workflow’s in GP: How Do They Work?

Workflow 2.0 was something new that started in GP2013 R2, and although already available in this version, many users don’t know how it works and thus don’t use them. Here are a few questions that will make you more familiar with Workflow 2.0 and possibly help ease you into using this tool:

  1. What is a workflow in Dynamics GP?

A workflow is a system that provides the functionality you use to create individual approval processes.  These are approval processes that are based on modules in GP and on documents, records, and batches.

  1. How do workflows in Dynamics GP work?

Administrators can configure workflows based on modules.  Workflows can be set up for batches as well as individual documents to be approved.  The best example of this would be a workflow set up for PTE Timesheets.  You can set up a workflow to first be approved by an employee’s direct manager and then go up a level to, say, for example, Accounting Department, for final approval.

  1. What are my options as a User when working in a module with a workflow configured?

When working within a module where a workflow is configured, a User must submit the document or batch based on the workflow configurations.  Once submitted, the only option the user has is to recall the document and resubmit if needed.

  1. Can you see the history of a document’s workflow when looking at the document?

Yes. A user can look at a document and locate a ‘history icon.’ From there, the User can see the history of the workflow process such as when the document was submitted, if it was recalled or declined and the reasons behind that, as well as when it was approved and who approved the document.

  1. How do you see a workflow document in GP?

A workflow is configured by Active Directory as well as the GP User ID.  With that said, if you are logged into GP as one User, however, logged into the computer as a different user, you might not see that Users documents in the workflow.

  1. Some basic facts about workflow:
    1. No Dynamics GP licenses are required specifically for Workflow, so a User that does approvals from email, without logging into Dynamics GP, will not need a Dynamics GP license.
    2. Workflow 2.0 utilized Active Directory Users for all approvals and tasks. This eliminates the need for users to be Dynamics GP users unless they need Dynamics GP for part of their support tasks.
    3. Dynamics GP licenses are only needed for activities using Dynamics GP windows.
    4. Workflow 2.0 is available for both the Web Client and the Desktop Client.
    5. Workflow 2.0 provides automatic notifications.
    6. Workflow 2.0 provides workflow history and reports.


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