Why You Should Attend Empower 2019

In previous blogs, I have discussed the importance of on-going training. In this post, I am going to tell you about a specific training opportunity in the area, the Empower 2019 Conference.

Background Information

As professionals and system users, we should always be learning, improving, and finding ways to become more efficient. This includes watching on-demand webinars for tips and tricks, user group meetings, large national training conferences, and in-person training.

Training and product knowledge should be seen used as metrics for employee reviews. It is the responsibility of each employee (and company) to use all the tools at their disposal and be educated on new features and technologies.

KTL Solutions has always put an emphasis on “empowering the user”. Whether you are a CFO, Business Analyst, IT Help Desk person, or AP Clerk, you should feel empowered to find the best ways to do your job and do it well.

It is not always feasible for companies to send staff away to national conferences for a week of training. It is also not always feasible for employees to take a week away from their job, families, and other responsibilities.

With the Empower 2019 Conference, you don’t have to worry about taking a week away from your daily responsibilities. We provide you with a one-day powerhouse training that will well equip you to tackle the intricate changes within Microsoft.

How it Started

Fourteen years ago, KTL CEO; Tim Lally saw the lack of in-person training opportunities for Microsoft Business Applications as a huge gap in the Mid-Atlantic region. So, the “Empower the User Conference” was born.

Today, Empower 2019 is the fourteenth iteration of this conference. While the topics are vaster and representative of the entire Microsoft technology stack, the principal stays the same. Local, affordable training should be available to users of all skill sets and seniority levels.

Empower 2019 traditionally started as a Dynamics-focused conference. We have since changed the conference to reflect the changes in Microsoft technology. Sessions on Power BI, Data Warehousing, and Cloud Migration are top of mind this year.

While Dynamics is a core focus for many of our users, the other solutions we will be focusing on are what will propel organizations into the future and maximize efficiency.

Join Us

If you are looking to move your organization into the Digital Age, Empower 2019 is for you!

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