Why Investment in Process Improvement Means Faster ROI on ERP Software in the Cloud

Cloud talk is everywhere. And, the cost benefit of moving to the cloud gets the bulk of attention in almost every conversation. But, for companies thinking about moving their ERP to the cloud, there is another, very important, benefit that they can realize. Investment in process improvement instead of hardware during an ERP implementation means a faster return on your investment.

ERP is all about productivity improvement

According to a recent research report, most small and mid-size businesses undertake an ERP implementation to replace manual systems that are holding back employee productivity. With a true SaaS (software as a service) ERP solution, no time is wasted on the hardware and support technology.

Business process review to match requirements with functionality and apply best practices to improve performance comes first. Employees can log onto software immediately to get familiar with the feel and functionality. The time between choosing the new system and reaping the productivity rewards is measured in days, not months.

SaaS can involve everybody from the start

With Acumatica, a SaaS ERP system, licensing is server based instead of user based, so everybody can access the system from day one. Salespeople can use it to view tasks, opportunities and data for their accounts. Regional office managers can view GL sub-accounts for their regions. Investors can stay informed through dashboards. Temporary workers can be granted secure access for a few hours or days. All employees can submit expense reports.

With document management built right into the Acumatica system all information is located in one place. Advanced access controls allow only authorized individuals or teams to view, edit, approve, or delete information.

Keeps workers productive in the field

With conventional ERP implementations, training for workers in remote locations is often difficult and slow. Remote workers feel isolated from the implementation efforts unless they travel to the main office. With SaaS ERP, remote workers have the tools they need from the start to feel connected and productive.

If you have been holding back on an ERP solution because of concerns about the productivity interruption to your business, think about cloud. Let’s talk about how you can build for the future without compromising the present. Call Garygfrancart@ktlsolutions.com or 866-960-0001.

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