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What’s New: Microsoft CMMC Acceleration Program Updates


The CMMC Acceleration Program Update blog post has been refreshed with the latest updates. It includes details on the new and updated resources coming out of the Acceleration Program.


Microsoft’s home page for CMMC is now live. Use this as a great launching off point to learn what Microsoft is doing with CMMC.


The Microsoft Product Placemat for CMMC has been updated. This is a major update where all practices now include implementation guidance. Other updates include refreshing the primary/secondary service mappings and some usability tweaks.


The Microsoft Technical Reference Guide for CMMC is now available. This is a comprehensive technical resource for organizations working towards CMMC on the Microsoft platform. The Technical Reference Guide works great alongside the Product Placemat.


The CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) formed the Industry Advisory Council (IAC). The CMMC-AB IAC mission is to provide a unified voice as representatives of Organizations Seeking Certification (OSCs) to supply key feedback, input and recommendations for implementing CMMC back to the DoD and the CMMC-AB.

More Info

KTL is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a CMMC-RPO. We’re here to guide you on your journey to CMMC compliance. We’ll help you get compliant and stay compliant. For more information, check out KTL’s CMMC Preparedness Page or contact us at

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