What is xRM?

I came across an amazing video that sums up exactly what xRM is. Click here for the YouTube link before you continue reading.

As you can see, xRM is the natural progression of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), where “x” is a true variable, we can make it ANYTHING you need it to be.

With the nature of our economy and the demand on businesses to perform at 110%, it is vital for companies to have a full 360-degree view of the relationship between themselves and their Customers.

Businesses cannot afford to not have a unified platform that connects to every aspect of their business. From Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Operations, and Human Resources, they all need to be able to see the same data in the same place, but in ways that make sense to each department.

With that in mind we look at xRM. It is important to know that xRM is not a product sold, but a strategic approach taken to understand what makes a business flourish, what information needs to be seen by a particular employee, and how the information needs to be seen and understood to make better business decisions. Because every business is different, flexibility in a software solution is supreme. And it is because of these unique features that make all businesses different, that xRM is evolving.

To learn more about Dynamics CRM, and how KTL Solutions and help create your own xRM environment contact KTL today.

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