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What is Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator?

Microsoft recently introduced Sales Accelerator in Dynamics 365. It provides sales teams the ability to focus on their top leads and opportunities by streamlining them into an intelligent work queue. Before Sales Accelerator, sales reps were spending most of their time going through their leads and opportunities to scope out which customers they need to be reaching out to and when.  

Sales Accelerator gathers all the information from different sources and creates a sales sequence that allows sales reps to prioritize their customer list quickly. Sales Accelerator allows sales representatives more time to do what they do best, fostering connections with their clients and closing deals.  

How do you access Dynamics Sales Accelerator you ask? Here’s how:  

  1. Purchase a Dynamics 365 Sales Insights license or start a trial to use advanced Sales Insights features. 
  2. Enable advanced Sales Insights features. 
  3. Sign into Dynamics 365 Sales Hub and go to Change area > Sales Insights settings. 
  4. On the site map, under Acceleration, select Sales accelerator (preview). 
  5. On the settings page, select I agree to the preview terms and conditions to enable the preview. 
  6. Select Get started. 


Interested in learning more about Dynamics 365’s Sales Accelerator? Contact KTL Solutions and schedule a call with one of our team members. We have an experienced team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and resources that can help you.  

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