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KTL Solutions has been creating customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP since before there was a Microsoft Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP was originally Dynamics by Great Plains Software and some of our products go back that far. These add-on modules for GP have been designed to fill a need that the core functionality of GP does not provide. We will be looking at 3 core products that KTL offers as add-ons to GP. These are AP Fast Entry, Payroll Security, and Advanced Distributions.

As a Microsoft partner KTL has access to the GP source code, which I can tell you from lots of experience, it certainly helps a great deal in the creation of these customizations.

We use Microsoft Dexterity, which is the best way to integrate custom code into Dynamics GP and makes the most sense because it is what GP is written in.

AP Fast Entry

This add-on will improve the speed at which users may enter Payables Management transactions. This is accomplished by replacing the existing PM Transaction Entry screen with a custom window combining the main entry screen and the distributions entry screen.

As can be seen in the image above, the PM distributions grid has been added to the bottom of the PM entry screen. The distributions grid has been fully incorporated into the screen, including being part of the tab sequence. The distributions button has been removed and replaced with a ‘Default’ button. This button will refresh the distributions with the default transaction distributions.

These updates to the screen functions just like the screen that you are used to, just making it faster to enter the transactions. The screen will continue to function with Analytical Accounting as well. If you are not automating the entry of these transactions this add-on can save you time that makes it well worth it.

Payroll Security

Here is one that always surprises me that we are able to continue to provide. KTL Payroll Security allows payroll data to be secured at the record level for specified users. What surprises me is that this functionality has not been included in GP yet, but until it is we will continue to fill in the cracks.

With Human Resource GP added in some small amount of restrictions, it can be placed on payroll data by Division and Department. This is an extremely limited amount of security. KTL has expended on this feature by securing many more payroll screens, reports, and smart lists, including some HR screens and reports as well. We also allow payroll data to be secured by Position as well as department and (if you are using HR) Division.

We used Dexterity database triggers and formreport modifications to lock down any data associated with employees in Payroll.

The screen shown above is one of the main screens for assigning GP users access to payroll data. The left side provides a list of all users with access to the current GP Company. While the list on the right supplies a list of this companies departments. The Position and Division access have similar screens with the appropriate list on the left side.

If you have a list of users that you would like payroll data secured for then this product may be what you are looking for. A common use is securing the company officers payroll data from the company’s payroll clerk allowing for these employees to be handled by a different individual.

SOP/POP Advanced Distributions

The Advanced Distribution GP Add-on product Allows for the configuration of your SOP and POP Distributions accounts to be created by pulling account segment values form multiple and additional sources than are possible with ‘out of the box GP’.

Each distribution segment is configured based on document type to retrieve the value for the specific segment from a location allowed by the product. The possible segment sources are:

1.     Item – Pulls the segment from the account assigned to the item

2.     Customer – Pulls the segment from the account assigned to the customer

3.     Location – Pulls the segment from the segment assigned to the warehouse location

4.     Posting – Pulls the segment from the default posting account

5.     Static – Allows you to define a static value for the segment

6.     Payment Terms – Pulls the segment from the payment terms

7.     Salesperson – Pulls the segment from the salesperson

By using these options many different accounts can be assigned to your distributions. This product’s rules for distribution created works with Integration Manager, and there is an option to enable the rules for eConnect based imports. There is also a batch level option to roll all of the distribution configuration down to all documents in a batch, which is another method commonly used for imported transactions.

All our products are available for free trial use with the TWO (Fabrikam) company in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10, 2010 and 2013. KTL has been working on these products for many years, adding features and enhancements and keeping them up to date with the new versions of Dynamics GP.

In conclusion, if your current Dynamics GP installation does not meet all your needs, one or more of these KTL add-ons may assist with making the Dynamics GP experience more beneficial. The Developers at KTL have many years of integration and GP development experience, which comes through in the creation of these products and other solutions.

KTL’s development team prides itself in its knowledge and immense amount of experience in customizing any of their products into a working solution for your unique business. Make sure to visit our KTL Products page or email developers@ktlsolutions.com to ask about a customized solution for you.

WILL STAFFORD | .Net Business Solutions Team Leader

Will is responsible for the creation and maintenance of software customizations, reports and applications. He works on the entire development life cycle, gathering requirements, designing, coding, testing and providing support for applications. Will handles custom applications and the KTL suite of products. He has worked in the GP channel for over 15 years on integration and customization to Microsoft Dynamics. Will has extensive knowledge of Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, MS SQL Server T-SQL, Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services. Will also works with the Microsoft .Net framework, including WPF, Web Services, Desktop Applications and Web Application development.

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