Voiding a Direct Deposit Check in Dynamics GP

Direct Deposit in GP can be a tricky thing. I recently ran across an issue where a client had run their biweekly pay run, only to notice afterward that an employee had inadvertently been included. Not a major issue – just void the check, right? Because this was a Direct Deposit pay run, however, things got a little more complicated.

When the ACH file is for a DD pay run, there are only a few options to correct it.

  1. Contact the bank to determine whether it is possible for them to remove the extraneous lines from the ACH file (in my case, this was what the client decided to do).
  2. Void all checks in the pay run and perform the check run again, this time with the correct information. If you go with this option, I would suggest printing an edit list (print icon) before clicking “Post” to make certain the employee is excluded.
  3. Manually edit the ACH file. Unless you are familiar with NACHA requirements, this method is usually best left to the experts. However, as part of this case, I did do some research and came across the following table in my notes that were put together by one of the support engineers over at Microsoft. If you do decide to go the route of manually editing the ACH file, hopefully, this documentation is of some help:

File Header Record: 1st LineFile record 1st line

File Header Record: 2nd LineFirst header record 2nd line

Entry Detail Record: 3rd to 7th LinesEntry Detail Record

Company Batch Control Record: 8th LineCompany Batch

File Control Record: 9th Line

If you have any questions on this information, or if you would like help with your Payroll/Direct Deposit situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us – my direct email is jnorberg@ktlsolutions.com, or you can reach out to the entire support team via support@ktlsolutions.com.

JOHN NORBERG | Business Software Consultant

After working a variety of jobs through college, from dishwasher at an Italian café to gravedigger and caretaker at a cemetery, John graduated from North Dakota State University and Minnesota State Community Technical College with degrees in Philosophy and Information Technology. In 2014, John began working as a Support Engineer at Microsoft in Fargo, ND, the birthplace of Dynamics GP. He discovered a passion for delivering excellent customer service, and he often lead the team in cases resolved and positive feedback. After two years working Technical Support for GP, John accepted a position at KTL Solutions as a Business Software consultant.  Unlike his previous position which had afforded few personal meetings, the deep interaction with clients at KTL Solutions has allowed John to identify and analyze their problems, leading to the implementation of solutions suited to their individual needs.

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