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The Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL) is a tool within Microsoft Dynamics GP that allows us to perform various tasks against the company such as copying, merging, modifying, etc. against the Dynamics GP data.  The user should be logged in as the ‘sa’ user to perform these functions and should have knowledge on what they would like to modify and the overall effect on their system.  In this blog, I wanted to discuss the first four tools listed under the System Tools grid:  Shortcuts Copy, Toolkit, Menu Inquiry Utility, and Update User Date.

To access the PSTL tools, the tools must be installed for Dynamics GP and a shortcut created on the Navigation pane of the Dynamics GP desktop.  The PSTL software is located on the Dynamics GP installation disk.

To create the shortcut to PSTL:

  • Right click in the Dynamics GP Navigation Pane
  • Select Add
  • Add Window
  • Type the Name of the Shortcut and window
  • Expand the Technical Service Tools option
  • Expand the Project option
  • Select Professional Services Tools Library

System ToolsWhen running any PSTL tool, always remember to make a backup prior to performing the action.

Shortcuts Copy – This tool enables the user to copy shortcuts from one user to another.  It requires the user to:

  • Start the PSTL function in Dynamics GP
  • Select the Shortcut Copy option in PSTL
  • Click Next
  • Enter the User to Copy From
  • Enter the User to Copy To
  • Click Copy
  • Click Continue

Toolkit – This tool allows the user to rebuild the GL00105 table, Recreate Dex Procedures, Rebuild Index, Recreate tables, and .  To use this tool:

  • Start the PSTL function in Dynamics GP
  • Select the Toolkit option in PSTL
  • Click Next
  • To Rebuild GL00105:
    • Select GL00105 to rebuild table and Account indexes
    • Select Next
  • To Recreate SQL Objects:
    • Select the Recreate SQL Objects option
    • Select Next
    • Select the Series and/or table you want to recreate
    • Select Maintenance Options you want to perform:
      • Recreate Dex Procs for Selected Table
      • Recreate Dex Procs for Selected Series
      • Rebuild Indexes for Selected Table
      • Rebuild Indexes for Selected Series
      • Recreate Selected Table
      • Recreate Tables for Selected Series
        • Select checkbox to keep data intact when recreated
      • Reident For Selected Table (Check identities for table)
      • Resident For Selected Series (Check identities for Series)
    • Click Perform Selected Maintenance

Menu Inquiry Utility – This tool allows the user to view the properties for commands from the menu bars and commands.  To run this utility:

  • Start the PSTL function in Dynamics GP
  • Select the Menu Inquiry Utility option in PSTL
  • Click Next
  • Select the Menu Group
  • Select the Categories/Command
  • View properties of command
  • Edit properties to Enable, Checked, or Visible

Update User Date – This tool can automatically update the user date to the next date at midnight.  To enable this option:

  • Start the PSTL function in Dynamics GP
  • Select the box next to Update User Date option in PSTL

ANDREW FRASER | Senior Business Software Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant, Andrew is responsible for the implementation and support of CRM, GP, and other Microsoft products, ensuring that our solution scoping, architecting, and delivery meet and exceed customer expectations. He helps clients analyze their current business processes and provide them with process improvements. During his time at KTL, Andrew has built lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business needs and provided value by leveraging their existing resources. Andrew has more than 21 years of experience in implementing business software for a variety of industries, including service, government, distribution, not-for-profit and manufacturing.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Math with concentration in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from St. Andrew’s University in Laurinburg, North Carolina.  His experience includes helping companies embrace technology to fulfill their organizational needs and creating innovative solutions using CRM, GP and other Microsoft products.

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