User Conference 2016: The ERP Track Remains Fully Loaded


KTL Solutions celebrated their 11th annual Empower the User Conference on May 19th at the Microsoft Center in Reston, Va.  This year, as in year’s past, KTL brought 3 unique tracks to the event allowing users to customize their own experience and gain the knowledge they deemed the most valuable.  However, we understand that not everyone could make it to all of their sessions. Below is a breakdown of what you may have missed from the ERP Track at UC 2016.

GP Fully Loaded

Presented by KTL’s CEO and founder Tim Lally, GP Fully Loaded was a favorite of many new and returning attendees.  Each year Tim discusses and demos a few of the most under-utilized features of GP 2015; this year was no different.   Tim introduced SmartView by eOne, Elastic Windows by TitaniumGP, and Multi-Entity Management to a full room of users willing to learn.  In the past, users commented that Tim’s sessions were too short.  This year we rectified that by having two sessions:  one where he spoke about the new features and answered questions from the audience and a second where he demonstrated the most efficient way to use them.

Power BI

In the second session of the ERP track, we invited Joel Cochran of Microsoft to present on one of the hottest topics of today – Business Intelligence.  In his session entitled, “Power BI: Transform Your Data into Information,” Joel showed us how to take the data your company is already collecting and bring it to life with crisp, clear visuals that give you actual insight into the workings of your organization. During this session, Joel demonstrated how to generate actionable insights, produce rich interactive visualizations that help you find relationships, trends in your data, and be able to format your visuals to create beautiful, compelling reports and dashboards. At the end of this session, everyone had a better understanding for the value of an efficient BI Solution.

Using Civic Data & Data Visualization in Excel

An ERP track wouldn’t be complete without having one session on Excel. This year we filled that slot with Frank La Vigne from Microsoft as he presented “Using Civic Data & Data Visualization   in Excel.”  Frank spoke on how Excel can query and visualize open, government data from multiple sources. By the end of this session, users walked away with the ability to access, transform, cleanse, query, and visualize data using easy-to-use tools.

Save a Tree: Tools to Go Paperless

One of this year’s most popular sessions was from KTL’s own Andrew Fraser with “Save a Tree: Tools to Go Paperless.”  As the world looks for ways to eliminate paper for both environmental reasons and from a cost perspective, more organizations are looking to move away from paper.  By going paperless, Andrew spoke on how to eliminate bottlenecks and gain faster approvals within your processes, seamlessly capture the data you want and design workflows that will effectively and efficiently improve your internal and external communication, and allow access to electronic documents from wherever you are located.  One of the highlights of this strong overall session, was the demo portion in which Andrew demonstrated how your electronic documents could be managed and organized for easy accessibility with reporting and effective communication.

The Importance of Maintaining Your System

Colleen Williams, COO of KTL Solutions, had a full-capacity crowd at her session entitled, “The Importance of Maintaining Your System.”  Letting your system go by not keeping up with current updates, can leave you with an out-of-date and ineffective system.  Down the road, it would require significant funds to update. In this session, Colleen showed the financial and organizational benefits of staying current with your system while providing first-hand knowledge on backups, the importance of month and year-end maintenance guides, and how KTL can support your day-to-day needs.

For more information about this year’s #UC2016, please email KTL Solutions at [email url=”” class=””][/email]If you would like to download any of the sessions that you may have missed, please click here.

TIMOTHY (TIMMY) LALLY, JR. | Marketing Assistant

Timothy Lally JR joined KTL Solutions in a marketing capacity in the fall of 2011 after graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Marketing. One of the creative forces within KTL since his start, Timothy has helped to organize and market dozens of webinars, has been a driving force in the company’s websites constant growth, and is an integral part in bringing KTL’s annual user conference together. Located in Los Angeles, CA when Timothy is not helping KTL expand its footprint he enjoys creative writing, performingstand upcomedy, and supporting the Baltimore Ravens.


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