Upgrading, Why Should You and Why It’s Important?

Keeping your system current on the latest versions of Dynamics GP is essential to maintaining a good ERP system.  Microsoft continuously improves Dynamics GP by releasing new versions and service packs to keep Dynamics GP current with GAP principles and technological advances. The version changes and service packs not only provide additional functionality; they further address issues that require fixes reported by clients or are discovered in the system by Microsoft. These improvements are available to clients who are current on their maintenance fees, and it is strongly advised to stay up-to-date.

Service Packs:

By maintaining an up-to-date system with the latest service packs, you can take advantage of the new features Microsoft has added to your system.  Microsoft has invested heavily in improvements that allow you to process more information quicker or better.  The new features can come in many forms.  In the current releases of Dynamics GP, Microsoft has added many new features.   Some of the key features added in their latest versions are:

  • The Web Client interface: allowing users to access Dynamics GP from anywhere at any time.
  • All-in-One views for Purchasing, Sales, and Inventory: enabling users to view information across the company and drill down to the detail level.
  • A combined GL inquiry allowing the user to analyze several GL accounts at the same time.
  • Auto deposits of cash receipts are making sure the checkbooks are supplied with current balances.
  • Workflows: allowing the user to process information in a more organized and consistent approach.
  • Service based architecture: allowing a better interface with the cloud and faster communications within the GP system.

Microsoft has created many enhancements to make your organization operate smoother and can only be utilized if your system is current and up-to-date.

Security Issues:

In today’s world, security is paramount to protecting your valuable information from the outside and by maintaining a current system, we can take full advantage of any security enhancements created in either of these systems.  Microsoft is designed with three levels of security.

  1. The top level is the Active Directory established to access your network. This allows us to assign network rights to the users for specific information and functionality.  This may be used to secure information stored outside of Dynamics GP and may include items such as a payroll ACH file or EFT file that needs to be sent to the bank.
  2. The second level of security is found in Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Server allows us to access the companies and information that we are authorized to see and is controlled and enhanced by Dynamics GP.
  3. The third level and most significant level of security are found in Microsoft Dynamics GP itself. This level of security defines what areas of the system, what data, and what functionality an employee can access.

Security is critical in today’s world and staying current allows utilizing the latest security options available.

Staying current with the latest version and service pack of Dynamics GP is important.  Keeping the system up-to-date allows for a smoother transition when an upgrade is performed.  For each update, Microsoft adds tables and fields to the system, and when an upgrade skips a version, these tables may be missed and the information will have to be addressed to continue the upgrade and may take additional time getting the system upgraded.  Further, Microsoft has life cycles for each of its versions.  If an organization waits too long to upgrade, they run the risk of their system not being supported by Microsoft.  This can create issues when support is required.  It is extremely important to keep your Dynamics GP system current as it affects many parts of your system.

Want more information about upgrades on your Dynamics GP? Need a price for an upgrade? Contact KTL Solutions at 301.360.0001 or email us at info@ktlsolutions.com.

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