Training – No Ifs, Ands, or Buts About It!

Training. It’s essential to any person who strives to be successful. Why? Because training allows you to expand your knowledge and skillset in one or multiple areas so that you can better excel at that particular subject. Many people have different views on training: negative and positive. Whichever they may be, there is always a reason for training. Here, I will list three of the most important reasons you should attend KTL’s User Conference Training on May 18th.


As mentioned above, training enhances your knowledge on the specific subjects you are getting the training on. It empowers you to do bigger and better things more effectively and efficiently. When empowering your mind, you ultimately empower yourself to feel better, work better, ease stress, and gain more appreciation among your colleagues.

KTL is offering three tracks this year for their training: Management Reporter, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics CRM. Each track is taught by an expert in that field. They know short cuts, cool features that are underused but could make your day go by faster, and they ultimately have the insider track on how to answer your frustrations, showcase your questions, and make you better at what you do.


Technology is constantly changing, upgrading, and becoming better each minute. If working in the technology world, which the majority of us all do, you have to be well-versed in these changes. How does it look when you still have a 2005 flip phone while all of your co-workers have the newest iPhone6? It shows you aren’t about the new trends, the new work-throughs to help out your company become or stay the leading provider it is, and it shows that you don’t care about “staying in the know.” Companies are always looking to be better than their competitors, to stay on top of things, and for their employees to help them not only float, but sail by others in the big ocean that makes up your industry. So, get trained! Keep up with the change, empower yourself which in turn empowers your company.


I guess this really isn’t a legitimate reason to come, but none the less, it’s a reason. This year, we are hosting additional training on the day before our Annual User Conference. (In the past years, it has been the day following the conference.) This allows us to have training followed by a great happy hour and networking event. After you sit, engage, and learn new things or even just brush up on your skills, you can leave training and indulge in a refreshing drink, fill your stomachs with great tasting food, and engage in meaningful conversations with consultants, fellow industry leaders, and friends at KTL. What’s not to love about that?

Did we convince you yet? Well here is another reason you should come… sign up in the month of April and not only get entered into a drawing for a massage gift card, but just for reading this blog, KTL will give you 15% off training with ELIZABETHBLOG code. Sign up today!

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ELIZABETH MORIS| Marketing Lead Coordinator

Elizabeth is responsible for the development and management of KTL’s marketing department while designing and overseeing marketing operations and campaign planning. With her creativity and design background, Elizabeth maintains KTL’s branding efforts, marketing plans, social media marketing, and performance improvement strategies. She also manages the consistency and fluidity of different collateral mediums making sure KTL’s main image and goalarecontinuous. Her specialties include graphic design, content editing, event planning, tracking analytical data, public relations, integrated marketing, social media marketing, and print and web design. Elizabeth is proficient in Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office. She attained a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications and Commercial Design from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA and a Master of Arts in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Md


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