Tracking in CRM for Outlook and Queue Permissions

Recently an error came up that seemed like it would have a simple resolution, but the solution ended up being far less obvious than we’d first thought. Here’s what happened, recounted with the hope that you’ll find this situation helpful.

Unique Situation: Queue Permissions

First off, I must share that there is a unique set of circumstances where this issue occurs. We found this issue coming up when a User was tracking an email that had another User, either in the To or Cc fields. Additionally, and probably most importantly, the User in the recipient field was in a Business Unit that was lower in the hierarchy than the sender.

When the sender attempted to track the email, they would receive an error message stating “The Owner of This Queue Does Not Have Sufficient Privileges to Work With the Queue”. Our first thought was that this was pretty straight forward, and that we just needed to make sure both the sending User and recipient User had Organization level Read privileges on the Queue entity.

Unfortunately, this went nowhere; the Security Roles for each of the Users already had this permission enabled. After researching about Queues for a bit, we found that it likely had nothing to do with routing that’s automatically enabled for activity records. Apparently, this setting is enabled by default when you upgrade your CRM.

The Solution

We navigated to the Email activity via Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Entities > Email, and reviewed the main information page. Under the Communication & Collaboration section, the Queues box was checked, as was a sub-box for “Automatically move records to the owner’s default queue when a record is created or assigned.” After unchecking this feature and publishing the solution, the sending User was able to track the email without getting the error – and the problem was solved.

Next Steps

I hope you found this helpful. If you’re struggling with your CRM, don’t worry – you’re not alone, and we can help. Get in touch with us at KTL Solutions, and start using your software to build your business more efficiently.

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