Top Reasons to Adopt Microsoft 365 Into Your Business

Microsoft 365 is not a single solution, rather a comprehensive bundle that includes Office 365, Windows 10, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite. In addition to the productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook most professionals are familiar with, it also offers business-class email, online storage, cloud security, and teamwork solutions that users can access from anywhere.  

By adopting Microsoft 365, businesses can streamline their operations to boost productivity, connect team members and customers to foster better relationships and modernize their workplace to stay competitive.  


Optimize Your Resources with Automation  

Free up your human resources and simplify your daily business process with automation. With Microsoft 365, better leverage your staff to perform tasks that require critical analysis as well as reduce the dependency on inefficient, paper-based processes by implementing a modern set of tools.  

From automating redundant tasks to compiling helpful business insights across your departments, a variety of business applications can be found in Microsoft 365 to increase operational productivity and solve real business challenges. 


Premium Protection for Your Information 

In addition to the productivity tools, Microsoft 365 offers Enterprise Mobility + Security as well. It is a comprehensive security solution that protects your business against advanced cyber threats like hidden threats in online email attachments and links, sophisticated malware, configure advanced multi-factor authentication policies and more. With Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can access your data on any device, anywhere, at any time worry-free.  


Connect Employees and Processes to Data 

Gain critical insight by securely collecting, managing, and using data from disparate systems. Instead of having fragmented data interpretations from different systems, gain a full, comprehensive understanding of your current business state and act accordingly. By having centrally located data, you can securely access your data anywhere, anytime, on any device.  

Not only is the data more accessible and connected, but employees can also stay better connected within the organization too. With Teams, employees can easily collaborate with chat, shared docs, and online meetings to connect with remote workers, customers, coworkers, and suppliers.  


Obtain and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage 

Equipped with these power tools, you can provide both your employees and customers with an exceptional experience. Empower your employees to accomplish more and innovate rapidly by providing them the best resources and amenities Microsoft 365 has to offer. With reduced redundancy, waste, and inefficiency through planning and consolidation, build a robust mechanism to stay competitive for years to come.  


The shift to Microsoft 365 and a modern desktop is different for everyone; there are several paths available. To learn about all the options available to you as well as more about Microsoft 365 in general, attend KTL’s Microsoft  365 – Your Solution for a Secured, Modern Workplace webinar.  In the webinar, the KTL team will dive deeper into the security and collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 and why more and more businesses are selecting Microsoft 365. 

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