Top Features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

KTL Solutions, a full-service technology consulting organization that specializes in business applications, is now offering Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is the newest version of Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), an enterprise resource planning solution that is simple to learn, easy to use and delivers comprehensive management functionality for small and midsize businesses.  Dynamics GP 2013 was released on December 19, 2012. It was the biggest release since February 1993, when the software changed over from Great Plains Accounting to Great Plains Dynamics.

“For more than a decade, KTL Solutions has helped our clients get the most out of their technology, so it’s exciting to create even more effective solutions using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013,” said Gary Francart, Director of Sales at KTL Solutions. “This version is loaded with new features that will positively impact almost every aspect of our clients’ businesses, from operations and financial management to supply chain and human resources.”

Microsoft developers invested 78,000 hours into the creation of GP 2013, which includes more than 125 new features and improvements, including Web Client as an additional deployment option, enhanced invoicing functionalities and a new journal entry querying capability. For businesses that have unique requirements, KTL Solutions internal software development team can also build modifications and integrations to meet those needs.

The staff of KTL Solutions selected the top features they think will help businesses and organizations operate more effectively.

Select a printer at the time of printing

GP 2013 gives users the ability to select the printer they want to print to at the time of printing. Now a printer can print reports in one location while another prints invoices in a different department.

Consolidated Invoicing

This feature allows the compilation of several shipments or fulfillment orders made over a period of time into one invoice, reducing the number of invoices generated for a single customer.

Un-apply Credit Documents when Voiding a Check

GP 2013 automatically un-applies a credit document from an invoice after a customer voids a payment that was associated with that invoice. The customer will have the option to void the invoice without having to void credit documents or apply the credit documents to other documents (or the same document if they desire.)

64-bit Microsoft Office Compatibility

Previously, customers would need to install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office in order to have email access. Now they can send emails from GP 2013 using the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office, using a new option that allows them to choose Microsoft Exchange as their email server.

Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

This customization tool is used to modify the appearance and functionality of any Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dexterity-based third-party window, add new fields, change global resources that affect the entire application and attach VBA code for less complex business logic.

Payroll Integration to Payables

New enhancements allow users to write custom voucher descriptions and add or delete leading zeros on voucher documents. There is also an option to summarize vouchers per-employee for federal tax purposes.

Historical Journal Entry Inquiry

Prior to GP 2013, users could only run Journal Entry Inquiries on open years. This feature modifies the Journal Entry Inquiry window to show information for both open and historical year journal entries.

Credit Card Vendors’ Invoices Automatically Void when Credit Card Payment is Voided

When a customer voids a credit payment, the application will automatically void the outstanding credit card vendor’s invoice that is associated with the credit card payment. If the credit card vendor’s invoice has already been paid, the user will see a warning message saying the invoice will not be voided.

Web Client

Web Client gives people the ability to work from any PC with Internet access. Web Client accesses the same user-customized interface, so there’s no additional training required. This feature requires Internet Explorer with the Silverlight plugin.

Attach Documents to Purchasing or Sales Transactions

In GP 2013, it’s easy to attach documents to inventory master records or purchasing and sales transactions. This feature supports the scan process, “Scan to be attached later,” where documents are scanned using either a desktop or bulk multi-functional scanner to a storage location.

About KTL Solutions

Since 1999, KTL Solutions has worked with clients to develop best practices and recommend process improvements that empower business growth.  Based in Frederick, Maryland, KTL Solutions is a full-service, technology consulting organization that delivers Microsoft Dynamics business solutions and services to hundreds of distribution, healthcare, professional services and nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast regions.  The company is a Microsoft Silver Certified ERP Partner focused on Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and SL (Solomon) accounting software, as well as Acumatica Cloud ERP, Crystal Converter and its own line of KTL products.

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