Tip of the Day: SmartList Excel Export for GP

This month we spotlight the use of Smartlist Excel Export in order to improve efficiency and speed up reporting requirements.  This tip allows you to take what once was a time consuming process and cut the wait time allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter period.

1. Open SmartList
2. Create or use existing SmartList favorite
3. Export SmartList to Excel
4. Navigate to Excel Developer tab on newly created export
5. Turn on ‘Record Macro’
6. Name the Macro
7. Format report with Pivot table, Charts, etc…
8. Once your done formatting excel report, stop the Macro
9. Clear out all data and additional tabs, charts and pivot table created during formatting
10. Save export as a Macro-enabled Excel Template (.xltm)
11. Navigate to GP SmartList
12. Click on Smartlist from top menu and select ‘Export Solution’

13. Fill out name
14. Navigate to document
15. Type in recorded Macro name in Completion Macro field
16. Select SmartList favorite to associate excel template with
17. Save association
18. The next time you export the SmartList you will be given an option of where to export it too.

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