Three Things to consider in 2017

The new year is upon us, and everyone is getting ramped up for a successful 2017. Organizations have one thing on the brain at the beginning of every year… how can we be more profitable? Well, a huge part of being more profitable is being more productive and efficient, internally.

Here are three things you should consider to make your organization more efficient in 2017.

  1. Go Paperless– Filing cabinets have become an antiquated object. More and more companies are going completely paperless. This is easily done through implementing a document management system that works in conjunction with your ERP and CRM systems. You can store important documents in these systems so they are easily searchable and filterable, and they will be attached to the corresponding vendor/customer/employee. This will eliminate a lot of manual data, entry, time spent filing and boxing up old files, and purchasing reams of paper. One of the biggest benefits of going paperless is added security. All your important files will be safe from fire, flood, and nosy employees.
  2. Get Mobile– “Being mobile” has become extremely important to customers. People want to view and pay statements from their tablet, enter in support tickets from their phone, and eliminate interacting with a live person. On the other side, employees want the ability to work remotely and easily enter in expenses, travel items, and view their important information from any device. If you want to retain customers and attract new talent, going mobile is key.
  3. Self-Service Reporting– If you work in the finance department of your company, you more than likely have run reports for people and thought to yourself “can’t they do this themselves?!” The answer is yes, they certainly can. Creating a self-service reporting system for the entire organization will cut down on finance running reports for everyone. Employees can easily go up to a portal, select the report they want, put in their specific parameters, and have the information they need in seconds. In most cases, this can be done using technology that you already own.

Implementing these three things will make for a fully automated work environment. Employees will be able to trash their outdated, tedious manual processes, therefore; empowering them to take on more responsibility and focus on the important tasks. Combining the three items above would be a powerful, radical change to your work environment. However, implementing just one of these items could greatly increase efficiency and largely add to your bottom-line.

[avatar user=”mcharuhas” size=”thumbnail” align=”left” /]MARY CHARUHAS | Account Manager

Mary Charuhas has been with KTL since 2013, starting as a sales intern in the summer of 2013 and moving to Business Development and Internal Sales in the spring of 2014. She is currently pursuing her Associate Degree in Business Management from Frederick Community College and hopes to continue her education at the University of Maryland next spring. Mary also possesses several Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Sales certifications. She manages KTL’s existing customers through providing them with ongoing knowledge of the products, assisting them with upgrades and continuing projects, keeping them informed about updates/new releases, events, and training opportunities. Her charisma and passion for providing excellent customer service make her a valuable asset to KTL’s sales department.

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