The Two Power Players – Power BI and CRM

At the 11th Annual KTL User Conference, I will be presenting a session on Power BI and Dynamics CRM data.  The main goal is to give users an easy way to present information in a timely and simple-to-understand format.  In the session, using Power BI, we will cover the process of building and accessing refreshable dashboards with information from Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.  In the session we will discuss/demo the following:

·      Connecting to Online CRM

·      Model the data by organizing, consolidating and transforming the datasets

·      Visualizing the data

·      Enhancing the clarity with filters and slicers

·      Adding Dynamics GP data

Connecting to Online CRM

In Connecting to your data, we will go over how to connect your Online CRM data and return the SystemUserSet, LeadSet, OpportunitySet and AccountSet.

Model the data by organizing, consolidating and transforming the datasets

In Modeling your data, we will clean up the datasets by formatting columns and data types, creating custom calculation columns and merge datasets.

Visualizing the data

In Visualizing the data, we will be improving the look and feel by adding charts, tables and custom visuals, by adding different visualization options to sales productivity reports and dashboards.

Enhancing the clarity with filters and slicers

In Enhancing the clarity, we will improve the interactivity of the reports and dashboards by adding filter and slicers.

Adding Dynamics GP data

In Adding GP data, we will connect to our GP SQL data to provide sales accounts receivable and payment information.

Final Thoughts

I hope this helps you with your future dashboard and data visualization designs, and your selection of your KTL conference sessions.  Contact KTL Solutions to help kick start your organization into becoming a data-driven organization by exploring your Business Intelligence, BI360, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM needs.


BARRY CROWELL, MBA | BI/EDW Solution Architect

Barry uses his expertise to lead and teach a team of GP consultants to assure our solution scoping, architecting, and delivery meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. He helps clients analyze their current business processes and provides them with process improvements. He has performed implementations as the lead consultant and end-user project manager. Barry has over 20 years of experience working in accounting and the Microsoft Dynamics GP industry. He also possesses a bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from Black Hills State University and a master’s in business administration from La Salle University.



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