The Future for Dynamics GP & SL

With thousands of customers on Dynamics GP and SL, Microsoft is continuously improving the interface with small UI enhancements and better integrations with Power Suite. By integrating Power BI, Power Apps, and Flow into their Dynamics GP or SL system, users can gain comprehensive reporting insight and analytics, streamline their daily tasks, and much more. 

 If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of integrating Dynamics GP and Power BI, the ERP Software Blog offers a good overview. Likewise, they also have an in-depth post about the benefits of Flow as well.  

While some are content with staying their current Dynamics GP or SL system, many are starting the discussion of digital transformation and the validity to migrate their current systems to the cloud. Though there are a lot of advantages to moving to the cloud, many users are still hesitant for various legitimate reasons. 

Based on the conversations I have with several of my clients, most are often surprised to find out that Microsoft offers several cloud migration options. The three potential paths include:  

  1. Move to Dynamics 365 Business Central for a full cloud migration.  
  1. Experience intelligent cloud insight by upgrading to the latest version of your current system.  
  1. Stay where you are and simply renew your annual enhancements. 

When you do decide to begin your cloud migration journey, here are a couple of tips to ensure a smooth transition. In the preliminary phase, make sure to perform an internal review. Take this as an opportunity to review the current infrastructure, pinpoint the pain points in the current environment, and applications in use and their availability in the cloud 

After completing the internal review, create a realistic plan for moving the key workloads to the cloud. To do so, you must identify what applications can be hosted in the cloud and what applications should or can be replaced with Saas applications. This will give you a great overview of the migration components to develop a plan of action 

If you’re still unsure of which option is right for you, you’re more than welcome to attend our Be Proactive, Not Reactive – Dynamics GP & SL: What’s Next? webinarIn this webinar, the KTL team will be discussing the future of Dynamics GP and SL as well as talk about the various cloud migration options available.  

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