The Benefits of CRM Systems and Microsoft Dynamics CRM improved Integration with Outlook

My question to you is; why wouldn’t you be using a CRM system?

CRM’s refer to allons between a business and its customers.  CRM systems not only help manage your business and relationships with clients it also provides s number of important benefits to both small and large companies including increasing revenue and decreasing costs.  What business or business owner wouldn’t want to do that?

First, let’s dive in and talk about what your business needs.  If you’re not familiar with the advantage of a customer relationship management system here are a few that can motivate any business small or large.

Customer Acquisition:  having data available allows companies to correctly identify their target audience and helps focus marketing efforts reducing the cost of customer acquisitions.

Customer Satisfaction:  you will have the ability to increase visibility of your customer.  Forecast sales and analyze customer service satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage:  if your company can operate more efficiently and gain more customer insight than your competition, then you’re at an advantage.

Efficiency:  automate and standardize processes so that employees access important information and complete tasks quickly.

Security:  manage data and control access to certain data and features.

Actionable Data: report on sales and marketing as well as customer service metrics to find opportunities.

Features of CRM

Marketing, customer service and sales can all access customer information but each department uses that information in different ways.  Once your business understands your CRM needs, then you are ready to choose solutions that make the most sense for your business.

Bottom line is, technology drives businesses, but nothing can be compared to the personal touch when the two are combined, it is a powerful combination.  Customers/clients can and will expect a lot from you and your business.  Therefore, keeping your customers happy means repeat business.  As you know getting new customers is important, however keeping them is key and very important to your business.  This is the reason why a lot of emphasis should be put on CRM.

The incomparable integration between CRM and Outlook became even better in Dynamics CRM Online

  • Links to CRM records of every e-mail in Outlook – from the Outlook reading pane you can see how every e-mail is being monitored in CRM. Links are displayed for each contact, account and opportunity associated with e-mail – just click to go to the CRM record.
  • Conditional Formatting –Format CRM views in the same way Outlook formats e-mails and calendars. Change the colour and other formatting options to add emphasis to important data, in line with the criteria you set.
  •  Create new CRM records from e-mails – Outlook shows you when an e-mail is associated to CRM. To create new relationships, just convert an e-mail into a lead, contact, opportunity or other entity. The record information is automatically populated from the e-mail.


KARRIE AMANN | Sales Executive

Karrie graduated from Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD, with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration and years later a Master of Business (MBA), in Business Management from Mount St. Mary’s University.   She primarily comes from a long career doing sales and marketing in the medical field.  She has professional experience working in Pharmaceuticals and has heavily marketed Neurosurgeons. Her most recent career was in digital marketing making her well versed in websites, SEO, SEM and mobile optimization.  She brings her experience and skills to KTL Solutions in order to help businesses find the solutions they need in order to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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