Solving Issues with Migrating from FRx to Management Reporter

Have you had issues when trying to run the migration wizard from FRx to Management Reporter? When opening your row formats to validate, did you notice that you didn’t have any accounts in the link to financial dimension column?  If this has happened to you, it is most likely due to the use of account sets in FRx.  If you’re in row formats in FRx, you are using account sets which do not migrate into Management Reporter.  If this happens, what are your options to fix your reports?

First, in the Management Reporter, you need to create all the account sets from FRx.  Then, you can open up the row format in FRx and copy the link to the GL column. Once you have completed that step, go into the Management Reporter and paste that into the row format in the link to the financial dimension column.  You need to make sure that the account sets you up in Management Reporter with the same name as the existing account that is set in FRx.  Once this is done, your report should run without issue.

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