How to Set Up Your Dynamics GP Home Page to Work For You!

When you log into Dynamics GP, the first page you see is your user’s home page.  Remember back to when you first logged into GP and were prompted to pick a role? Originally, you set up your home page according to the responsibilities you had at that specific time. Your responsibilities have now changed, and because of these changes, you may think this page is outdated or has no value to you as a user.  This may be true, so how can you fix that?  The home page is something that can be updated and used as a tool for any user.

Your home page is when you are logged into GP, and you select ‘Home’ on the menu bar.  In the top right-hand corner, you will see ‘Customize This Page.’ This will give you all the options to make changes.

GP Homepage

From the ‘Customize This Page,’ you will have the following options:

Homepage options


  • To Do: this option allows you to create a ‘To-Do’ list of activities that you need to perform your job as well as set tasks for other users and reminders.
  • Quick Links: This option allows you to access GP screens as well as web pages and external programs or files.
  • Connect: This allows you to view the Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource page, Microsoft updates, and community news.
  • Time Management: If you enter timesheets within GP, you can use this shortcut to access your timesheets.
  • Project Time and Expense: If you use PTE in Dynamics you can use this to quickly see your timesheets as well as time and expense reports that you are responsible for approving.
  • Business Analyzer: With this, you can set up KPI’s from your Dynamics GP data.
  • My Reports: If you have set up GP reports that you use on a regular basis and make these report options dynamic, meaning that you do not need to select a date to run them, you can save that report option to ‘My Reports,’ and from here you can run it.
  • Procurement: If you are using the Procurement module within Dynamics GP, you can view the status of purchase requisitions as well as the requisition list.

On the bottom of the ‘Customize This Page,’ you will see ‘Change Role.’  This will allow you to change the role that you originally selected on your GP.  With a change in role, the default home page tabs will change to mirror the role that you have selected. Please note that you should change your role before editing your user home page.

Users can use the To-Do, Quick links, and My Reports on the home page to efficiently navigate through GP and optimize the time spent on completing tasks.

Having trouble customizing your home page? Contact KTL Solutions today and we will be sure to help.


Colleen graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from California State University San Bernardino.  She has extensive accounting experience over the past years working as a staff accountant and controller.   Colleen has over 10 years Great Plains experience and over 6 years of working with BI360, which includes many implementations for public and private companies.  She also has extensive experience with Business Intelligence, budgeting and report writing while working on BI360, QuickBooks, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Timberline and Solomon.  Colleen has worked in various industries that include: real estate, property management, timeshare sales, publishing, and insurance.  These various industries have given her the necessary experience to handle large company consolidations and report writing, budgeting and forecasting, project accounting, sales invoice processing, and fixed assets.

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