SafePay Setup in Dynamics GP

If you’ve explored or implemented electronic payment options within Dynamics GP, you’ve probably heard of SafePay, aka Positive Pay. This is a module within GP that allows you to create an electronic file of the transactions entered into the system over a given period of time. This file is then sent to the bank to compare against when the bank receives a claim against that account. This provides additional security for ensuring that only valid payments are made from your account.

The setup of SafePay can be somewhat tricky, so I’ve attached below two articles to assist with this process. One of them is written by Microsoft, and contains the official documented steps. The latter is written by a KTL consultant and goes into a little more depth on the subject, complete with screenshots:

Sometimes, even after a lengthy and thorough setup, you will find that no transactions populate into the SafePay Transactions Upload window. Typically, this is related to the specific setup in the checkbook or in the dates. Here’s another KB article from Microsoft which addresses this problem.

If the steps in this article do not address the issue, below is a script provided by one of the fantastic Sr. Support Engineers on the Microsoft Support team that may help with the issue. You can change the 3 variables (2 dates and your checkbook) to the appropriate values that you have in your upload window.  This will tell you if the problem is likely with your dates or with the actual data.  If this script returns data when the window does not, then there is probably a bigger issue, and you will have to troubleshoot further to find out why the data isn’t populating. If the script does not return data same as the window, you’ll want to adjust the dates again to make sure to include the recently posted checks.


@LastUploadDate  datetime,

@UploadCutoffDate datetime,

@CheckBook   varchar(50)


Set @LastUploadDate =   ‘2017-04-12 00:00:00.000’   –Set the Last Upload Date here

Set @UploadCutoffDate = ‘2017-04-12 00:00:00.000’ –Set the Upload Cutoff Date here

Set @CheckBook =        ‘CHECKBOOK NAME’            –Set the checkbook ID from the Safe Pay Bank Link Maintenance window


select * from PM30200 where

DOCDATE >= @LastUploadDate and

DOCDATE <= @UploadCutoffDate and

VCHRNMBR in (select CNTRLNUM from PM00400 where CHEKBKID in (@CheckBook)) and

DOCNUMBR not in (select CMTrxNum from ME123504 where CHEKBKID in (@CheckBook))


select * from PM20000 where

DOCDATE >= @LastUploadDate and

DOCDATE <= @UploadCutoffDate and

VCHRNMBR in (select CNTRLNUM from PM00400 where CHEKBKID in (@CheckBook)) and

DOCNUMBR not in (select CMTrxNum from ME123504 where CHEKBKID in (@CheckBook))

If you have issues with your SafePay setup in Microsoft Dynamics, or if you have any questions on the information in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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