Revaluation and reconciliation of A/R aging report to the A/R general ledger account

It is important to perform the revaluation process every month between sales and financial modules to make sure the company’s A/R aging report balances to the A/R general ledger account.

There are two steps in such revaluation process. First, we must revalue the financial series by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP—Tools—Routines—Financial—Revaluation.

Please note: if revaluating realized gain/loss, reversing date option is not available.

After creating “Financial Series” revaluation, press the Revalue button to post revaluation to the GL and print reports.

Second, we should create Sales Series revaluation to make sure A/R aging multicurrency balances match to the Financial Series revaluation results.

Press “Revalue” button and print reports.

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