PSA: Windows 10 Creator Update & Dynamics GP

Do you use GP2015 or GP2016 R2 with Windows 10 Creator? Did you know the most recent update to Windows 10 Creator is causing the below error with these two versions mentioned above when MICR is installed?

Error that is being portrayed:

Unhandled Object exception: the parameter is incorrect


Exception SubClass:-2147024809

Good news! A member of the Microsoft Community, Ron Koenderink, solved the mystery! He figured out that this error is being caused by Mekorma MICR. Mekorma has confirmed that it is an issue and there is a fix available.

If you are on Dynamics GP 2015/2016 R2 with MICR and planning to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 Creator, please contact KTL Solutions at [email url=”” class=””][/email]or your GP Support Partner to get the fix.

To see the original post on this issue, please subscribe to the Microsoft Community and view here.

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