Pros and Cons of Cloud ERP

News about the cloud is everywhere, but how do you decide if cloud computing is the right choice for your organization?

At the basic level, “the cloud” or “cloud computing” refers to software, from e-mail to accounting to customer relationship management, that users access through the Internet. Cloud computing allows companies to use powerful applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting, CRM, and Office without expensive hardware or extensive IT support.

To help in your evaluation of cloud computing, here are some things to consider:

How Much Do We Save, If Anything?

When considering which systems are candidates for the cloud, companies need to start with the basics: Is this move going to save money, and will it bring better technical results?  What will be the economic benefit?  Typically, cloud based projects will deployed faster, which will save you money in IT resources.

How Complicated Is Your Software?

Things can also get murky if companies have software that needs constant tweaking and updating or is integrated to many other systems.  Cloud services may make hands-on control more difficult and expensive.  Move relatively simple systems, like email and payroll, to the cloud first.  Take the time to evaluate each application that your business depends on separately. Some may save you significant time and money, while others should remain in-house.

How Secure Will Your Data Be?

Cloud providers are usually much more capable defenders of data than companies are.  Providers typically have state-of-the-art defenses such as firewalls and actively search out intruders to trap them—a step few companies take on their own.  Just check out the security language in your contract.

The cloud can be a great way for organizations to focus on what they do best rather than software and systems.  Systems and vendors are unique and should be evaluated carefully before making the move.

To view a KTL Solutions presentation on the cloud and cloud ERP software click here.

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